ANITA HELM | Speaker Biography

Anita Helm is transformational, action-driven presenter. She is the owner and heart of 4 Dōes Productions, LLC a professional speaking, media, and personal development business.  Anita came on the global stage with a weekly teaching podcast entitled, "Milkshake Monday." She is a mentor to hundreds in business and relationship coaching, offering an infectious dynamic of real talk and practical application of encouragement on sensitive topics. 

Anita Helm is an encourager with a philanthropic focus to give back.  She is lauded for her clarity, teaching savvy and sense of humor. Anita is also widely recognized for her energetic, relatable, and accessible presenter by college students, business leaders, senior citizens, and non-profit organizations.

Her teaching series entitled STAND tackle the facets of relationships (personal, business, finances, faith and overcoming challenges in all.) STAND is the foretelling of her life’s motto:  When you’ve done all you can do – STAND through the Situations, Timing, Attitude, Navigation and Destiny of life.

As a business and thought leader, Anita is professionally recognized and sought after as a Bulworth in her field. She has spent 25+ years as a subject matter expert and influencer in the field of Information Technology within the federal procurement spaces. Anita has led procurements of billions of dollars for Federal Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, Treasury, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development and the General Services Administration.

Anita holds a master’s degree in administration from Central Michigan University, and a bachelor's degree in psychology and speech from Bridgewater College. She also holds several professional certifications in Program Management, Contracting and IT Implementation. 

Anita is the mother of two daughters and a son-in-law and has a beloved Bichon/Shih Tzu mix named Yoshi. She resides in Northern Virginia.