The mission of 4 Dōes Productions is to offer an interactive growth and personal development platform through teachings by Anita Helm directly pulled from her personal and professional life experiences and lessons.

4 Dōes Productions offers in person, digital and printed teaching resources developed to provide understandable and motivational support to both unchurched and churched people around the world. Anita Helm also offers hands-on guidance, quality assurance, and idea generation for story development to authors, creatives, and aspiring writers.

4 Dōes provides a variety of learning and entertainment content in the form of:

  • Digital Media and Blogs
  • Podcasts (Apple, Spotify, Google, RadioPublic and more)
  • Virtual and Live Group Workshops
  • In-Person Conference Presentations 
  • Social Media (Facebook, X, Thread, Instagram, YouTube Channel)
  • Video Storytelling
  • Audio & Printed Materials

Our mission is met through offerings of Anita Helm's speaking opportunities and workshops. Teachings are from the library of Milkshake Monday topics; her Marriage in the Checkout Line Series I and II; other workshops, presentation offerings, and the STAND Series (Situations, Timing, Attitude, Navigation and Destiny), specifically:


The platform houses both fiction and non-fiction content. The users and contributors are from multi-denominational faith-based backgrounds. The collective objective is to share love, hope, and truth of the Christian message of Jesus Christ to the masses.

Mark 4:23 – He that has an ear to hear – let him hear.