"The things we wish we knew about finances earlier in our lives." 

“Amid the Situations of life, in various Timing, the Attitude we express is key to handling successes and failures well. The Navigation of our decisions, our emotions, and other activities, this dictates our Destiny.”

This customized STAND-Finances presentation concentrates on the win falls and losses that come with dealing with finances and monetary aspirations. Each of us learn early on that having money is great.  We don't learn about making money work for you.   We hear words about saving, retirement, nest eggs, get your house in order, money don't grow on trees, but they are just words.  The keys to good credit, arguments in the marriage, the haves and have nots are normally tied to finances.  This interactive Stand*Finances presentation will teach:

  • How to acknowledge the state of your finances
  • Ways to value money and understand what finances cannot buy
  • How to identify real goals and safeguard the roadblocks to them
  • How to rebound from bankruptcy, foreclosure, repossession, and bad credit