Anita is a presenter, author, creative and podcaster.  4 Dōes Productions, LLC provides Anita Helm's teachings, group working sessions and lunch and learn forums on the library of Milkshake Monday lessons; topical driven STAND offerings focused on Faith, Finance, Career, Relationships and Failure; and the lively, intense, and truthful discussions within the Marriage in the Checkout Line Series (I and II). As a creative, author, presenter and podcaster Anita's offerings are to assist people with the mountains and valleys about God, people and life. Anita shares her teachings using her personal life stories and what worked and didn't. Based on the client's preferences for faith based references or not, Anita shares principles discussing all her offerings using humor, real talk and her life experience.  Anita speaks to all cultures and all audiences.

Stand – Faith

Stand – Rock Bottom - Failure

Stand – Careers

Stand – Relationships

Stand – Finances

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